Get ready because a brand new Shake Shack location is opening up and it's within driving distance from the Canadian border. We've all heard about it, Shake Shack is basically the best fast food option when you're in the U.S. With their secret menu items, delicious frosty shakes and animal style fries, you can't do better than Shake Shack.

Disappointingly, all of their locations tend to be further south in the United States than Canadians would typically like. But now, news has been released that a new location has opened up and it's just a hop, skip and a jump over the Canadian border. 

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A brand new Shake Shack has just opened up in Seattle, Washington, making it the one and only Shake Shack location in the entire state. Lucky enough for us Canadians in Vancouver, it's only a short road trip away. 

Americans and Canadians have been lined up outside every day excited to grab some burgers and fries.

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The restaurant is located at 2115 Westlake Avenue in downtown Seattle. It's only 6-minute drive from Pike Place Market and minutes away from other local attractions. It seems like the perfect excuse to make a weekend trip across the border. 

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