Vancouver was hit with an intense wind storm today and it has created a huge mess across the city. Environment Canada forecasted winds of 70 to 90 km/hour in Metro Vancouver, with some gusts even exceeding strengths of 100km an hour. This wind has caused complete chaos, resulting in closures, delays and massive wreckages in the city. 

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Environment Canada said in their weather alert that the wind storm in Metro Vancouver is "a significant wind storm and could cause widespread damage". Their prediction was not wrong – there are currently massive damages and wreckages across the city. 

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The wind storm is forecasted to continue into the afternoon, according to Environment Canada. "Winds will switch to southwesterly 70 to 90 km/h early this afternoon, with stronger gusts likely above 100 km/h," announced Environment Canada. "Winds will ease early this evening and shift to west to northwest". 

These strong winds are not very typical in the city, and many people have documented the unusual weather event onto social media. If 100km/hour winds don't sound intense to you, these photos and videos will prove just how insane the weather is in Vancouver right now. 

The historical 100-year-old White Rock pier has even collapsed and left one person trapped on the bridge, according to News1130. The pier's split also sank two to possibly four boats. 

There are currently power outages across Metro Vancouver and the province, affecting almost 200,000 residentsBC Hydro has said that they are working on fixing the outages. 

Stanley Park is even completely closed down. The Vancouver Park Board announced in a tweet that the park was shut down due to high winds and risk of falling branches.

Bright Nights in Stanley Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden are also currently closed because of the windy weather, according to the Vancouver Park Board. Festival of Lights at VanDusen is expected to be open from 4:30 PM today. There have also been massive traffic delays around the area. 

As the wind starts to calm down in the evening, here's hoping there are no more damages in the city and the chaos caused by the high winds starts to wind down. 

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