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A Canadian Accused A UBC Professor Of Sexual Assault But Is Now Being Sued By Him And The City Is Divided Over It

Former UBC Professor Stephen Galloway is suing a Canadian over her sexual assault allegations.

A Canadian woman sued a Canadian professor for sexual assault a few years ago but the allegations did not hold true in court. Now, the tables have turned, because the accused former professor and novelist, Stephen Galloway, is suing his accuser. A defamation lawsuit was filed a few weeks ago by the former professor on October 29th. Now, locals in the area are raising money to support the woman who is getting sued but the city is divided over who's really at fault - Simply put, there is a lot of drama happening with this incident and it is a huge legal mess. 

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It all started when a female (who remained anonymous) accused Galloway of physical and sexual assault in 2015, resulting in an investigation conducted by the university. According to a statement made by Galloway, he and she had a consensual romantic affair for two years. The accusation resulted in the professor getting fired from UBC in June 2016. 

Galloway ended up being found not guilty of sexual or physical assault in court, according to CBC News. Now, he is suing his accuser back for defamation, and 20 other people who repeated those accusations on social media. 

The lawsuit was filed by Galloway on Tuesday, October 29th. In protest to the suit, Canadian novelist Amanda Leduc started a GoFundMe campaign for the woman who accused the former professor of sexual assault to help her with legal costs. Since being posted only two days ago on October 30th, over $50,000 has been raised by over 600 people. 

Via Galloway Suit Defense Fund GoFundMe Page

This fundraiser has people completely divided and split over which side to take. There appears to be tremendous support for the fundraiser, considering the large amount that has been raised. However, on a Reddit thread about the fundraising campaign, many people jumped to Galloway's defense. One person commented, "Is there a crowdfund for Steven? I'd like to donate" and a few other Redditors commented with their agreement. 

Check out some of the Twitter reactions about the fundraising campaign and the defamation suit recently filed by Galloway. As you can see from the posts, there is a wide array of opinions. 

Amanda Leduc hopes that the fundraising campaign can help offset some legal costs for the defendants. "I know how expensive defamation suits can be, and I was galvanized into action thinking about the defendants named in the suit, many of whom do not have the institutional power and funds available to cope with something like this,” Leduc told The Star in an email. The Canadian novelist was not expecting to get such a massive response. 

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