The most random but hilarious thing has been happening at the airport in Vancouver. A crow actually got stuck inside Vancouver's YVR airport and it's been causing chaos by pooping everywhere. While it's unclear exactly how long the crow has been there, based on social media, there has been documentation of a crow stuck inside the departures area as far back as several months ago in November 2018. 

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Crows being stuck in the airport are an actual real problem at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – so much so that the airport even has an entire webpage dedicated to it on their website

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"Occasionally birds make their way into the airport terminal," reads the airport webpage. "We use a variety of methods to catch and remove birds from indoor spaces and bring them safely back outside". 

YVR's webpage even describes how the birds can cause chaos to the airport by pooping inside and ruining artwork. "Usually birds in the terminal pose no impact to operations, nor show any signs of distress," wrote the airport. "However, their excrement can be damaging to our beautiful artwork. In some cases, our art maintenance and curation team will cover artwork to prevent any bird excrement from landing on the items". 

We can see why YVR could be upset about this, they've been rated as the best airport in North America many times. They've been highly rated over and over again, some reasons include their innovative artwork, massive installations, cleanliness and impressive layout.

Employees even often put up signs near the artwork warning travellers not to feed the crows. Check out a picture of one that was posted onto Twitter below! 

Many other people have also spotted the crows flying inside the airport. Check out what some people have posted on social media about the famed YVR crow. 

Locals have so many questions about this crow situation. Thankfully, the Vancouver airport has provided some answers. First of all, how do the crows even end up stuck in the airport in the first place?

"As the largest building in BC, with hundreds of doors and windows, birds can make their way inside the terminal from time to time," explains the airport on their website. "The open architecture inside the building allows the birds to find their way to almost any area within the terminal. The birds typically find their way out on their own, however, some opt to stay". 

So what does YVR typically do about the crows? According to the airport, the birds can be very hard to remove from the terminal. "This difficulty is compounded by security requirements, making it difficult to provide exits," said the airport on their website. This explains why the YVR crow may have potentially been there for reportedly several months

The birds eventually get released back into the wild after they are captured by airport staff and YVR says that they only use capturing measures that are safe for the bird. To find out more about the crows stuck inside the airport, you can visit YVR's website. Next time you're at the airport, keep an eye out for the YVR crow. 

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