We’ve all had someone say something bad about us on the internet whether it’s a Facebook comment or a tweet, you can’t really escape it now if you have social media.

One lawyer in B.C. is though is taking a post made on Google Plus about her by a former client a bit more seriously than most of us would.

Instead of just letting it go she did what lawyers do, she sued him. But it didn’t exactly work out in her favour. 

Via Kyla Lee

Kyla Lee's former client was obviously unimpressed with the level of work that she put into the case she handled for him so he wrote a Google Plus review calling her the “worstest lawyer.”

Lee then sued, saying that the comment was defamation.

Lee won the case by default, as her former client didn’t even bother to show up to defend himself against the suit, but the judge wasn’t very pleased about having to deal with the case at all. 

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Lee was hoping to get $15,000 in damages the judge only rewarded Lee a total of $1.

The judge clearly thought that the whole thing was a waste of time saying that “action should never have been brought.” 

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Lee says that only getting $1 for the case isn’t the worst part though.

The worst part is that she still can’t get rid of the comment on Google Plus calling her the “worstest ever.” 

Source: CBC

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