Canadian’s love to hate the Canada goose. They’re loud, they’re scary when they’re angry and they just generally annoy a lot of us.

But deep down we all really love the bird because it’s a symbol of our national identity.

Tragically, one Canada goose met a horrific end at the hands of a Canadian man. He has since been charged. via  

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A man in Vancouver, BC allegedly beat a Canada goose to death in Stanley Park with a large stick.

It happened just steps away from a daycare for children in the park.

In a truly heartbreaking moment, another goose apparently ran around the dead bird after the man walked away carrying the stick he used to kill the animal. 

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Police were called and arrested a man named Timothy Richard Louis Rowley who is from Maple Ridge.

“The man was quite confrontational with bystanders. Some people did try to intervene that called 911,” Sgt. Jason Robillard said.

“Officers were able to arrest him without further incident,” according to Robillard. 

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He has been charged with one count of willfully causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal or bird under Canada’s Criminal Code.

Both the stick he allegedly used to bludgeon the bird to death and the body of the goose were seized by police as evidence in the case.

Rowley was released under the condition that he agree to appear in court later this month. 

Source: CTV

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