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BC Conservation Officers Issued Canadians Over $14,000 Worth Of Fines This Weekend For Starting Fires

Canadians were fined thousands for starting illegal fires.

It's a great time to go camping, right? It's the prime of summer, you've had your holidays booked off for months, and you already have your camping spot reserved. 

But, for some Canadians, deciding to go camping could also have the potential for garnering you some serious fines. 

As we all know, the past few months have been extremely dangerous for wildfires. It seems like most of Canada has been enduring heatwave after heatwave since the beginning of summer. 

This means that it's the perfect dry summer conditions to spark wildfires. Just one month ago, we reported that there were 78 active forest fires in Ontario and a shocking 33 of them were not under control. This even caused the town of Temagami, Ontario to enter into a state of emergency when locals were forced to evacuate the area. 

So, officials are taking the threat of wildfires very seriously, especially when it comes to Canadians camping out in the wilderness. 

It was only a few short weeks ago, that we reported that there were over 100 forest fires in Ontario and BC. 14 of those fires were sparked across BC in a single weekend. 

Just yesterday, BC's Conservation Officer Service stated that their official issued 13 violation tickets over the weekend and it cost Canadians a whole lot of money. 

@_BCCOS stated that over the holiday weekend, Sea To Sky Conservation Officers issued over a dozen violation tickets for illegal campfires in the Squamish Valley area. 

The 13 issued fines totalled to a whooping $14,950! 

Earlier this month, BC Conservation Officer Service tweeted out this image shaming Canadian campers against illegal campfires.

This just goes to show, Canadian officials are taking the ongoing wildfire crisis very seriously! 

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