The B.C. Liberals just launched an online campaign in protest of skyrocketing gas prices. They want you to take photos of what you're paying to fill up your gas tank, and send them directly to John Horgan on Twitter and Facebook. 

The campaign comes after MLA Jas Johal posted a video of his outrageous total at the pump, which came out to $98.78 for 61 litres. Johal says, "I'm sure all of you are paying the same thing as well, just like I am." He says Premier John Horgan should know "exactly the pain you're feeling," so he's encouraging everyone to spam him on social media.

"Every taxpayer should be doing this so the government understands that enough is enough," Johal says.  People in B.C. are also going public about gas price issues on Twitter using the hashtag #PainAtThePump.

But, the Premier has already responded to the issue, saying that it isn't the governments fault nor is there anything they can do to help. "The gas prices were on the rise before our government was sworn in," Horgan said, "The relief will come when oil sector rationalizes its supply chain." Whatever that means.

John Horgan says that the B.C. government is working with the Governor of Washington on a possible solution. He also cited a bunch of different factors which had an impact on the record-breaking gas prices, all of which seem like sorry excuses. 

In the meantime, tweeting photos of your gas price totals at him may be the only thing you can do to get out your frustrations. 

Source: Global News

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