Wildfires have been raging across Canada all summer due to dry weather conditions and super high temperatures. At one point, the country had over 100 fires burning across only British Columbia and Ontario.  

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BC, in particular, has been affected terribly wildfires in the provinces forested areas. The province previously went into a state of emergency and confirmed today that the emergency status will remain in place. 

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The province also declared the 2018 wildfires the worst in recent history. Comparatively, the wildfires last year in 2017 were also declared the worst, but 2018 has led to a wider spread of the smouldering. 

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Tuesday morning it was confirmed that over 12,984 sq. kilometres had burned in British Columbia with over 500 active fires currently in the province. 

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Via Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

The map above shows the fire danger ranges across the country and the most extreme amount of danger can be seen in British Columbia, as well as other western provinces. The high heat and dry conditions have proven to be dangerous and smoke can be seen around the province from the burning wildfires. 

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With over 3,000 Canadians currently displaced from their homes, there are another 21,000 are on alert in case the flames get worse. 

The majority of this year's fires were caused by lightning coming in at 1,467 fires, whereas 443 were started by people instead. 

Source: CBC

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