Vancouver is a snowy mess right now, but in true Canadian nature, that hasn't stopped many people from living their best lives. Tons of Canadians are going viral for their extreme reactions to BC's snowstorm and there's video proof of how they're skillfully handling the snow. They are proving time and time again that Canadians sure can handle some snowy weather. 

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Several parts of BC have been hit with the most intense snowstorm we've seen this season. For Vancouver, it's even been the most snow and cold weather the city has seen in over 10 years. Several school districts, universities, attractions and more all across the Greater Vancouver area have been closed down because of the snow, and many parts of the city have gone into shutdown mode. 

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Despite the unseasonal snow and cold temperatures out in Vancouver and other parts of BC right now, Canadians are not letting the brutal winter weather get in the way. Many videos have gone viral on social media for the most Canadian reactions to snow. 

Several Canadians have brought their skis out onto the streets during the BC snow storm. One Canadian even decided that skiing out on a road with other cars nearby would be a good idea. The winter-loving Canadian even got towed by a car as he rode through the streets. 

Another Canadian braved the snow and skied right on the roads on Vancouver Island in Victoria just so he could get some Starbucks coffee. He captioned the video that he posted onto Twitter, "No biggie just skiing to Starbucks in Victoria for my coffee". 

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Another Canadian even skied to school. "Some love the snow in Vancouver! 
Transit problem solved," read the Instagram caption of the video. Check out the video footage from Instagram below. 

@jasonteetaertembedded via  

Someone even rescued a taxi by personally helping push the car that was stuck in the snow. He actually went on the hood of a car and used his own body to physically push the taxi from behind. It actually worked, and the video footage has gone viral. 

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Check out footage of it below. 

Another person was also seen snowboarding down the roads in Richmond, BC while being towed by a car. You can watch the full video on Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

There are other Canadian ways that people have been dealing with the snow. Check them out below!

Just to end this on a cute note, check out the sea otters playing in the snow at the Vancouver Aquarium. How adorable are they? 

Snowfall in Vancouver and BC is expected to continue throughout the week. While it may be a snowy mess in the city right now, it looks like many people are able to continue living out their best Canadian lives. 

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