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Environment Canada Has Issued A Severe Weather Warning For Potentially Destructive Wind In BC Today

The usually calm winters are being replaced with 80 km winds and 25 cm of snow.

Gone are the days of BC's mild winters. While the province is known for not getting much snow in the winter, that all changes today. Now Environment Canada is warning that parts of BC are in for a massive winter storm today.

Even the Vancouver and Victoria areas haven't been spared by the wave of wild weather in the west. Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for the area saying that 80 to 90 km winds will slam North, West, and East Vancouver Island and the nearby mainland today. 

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According to the warnings for Vancouver Island, there is a significant risk of damaging winds in the area today and tonight, with 90 km gusts expected. Environment Canada is advising people in those areas that loose items may be dislodged and could cause injury. They are also warning people to be careful driving. 

Vancouver Island isn't the only area getting pounded by the wind today. In fact, all along the coast of BC is expected to be hit with 90 km winds today and through to tonight. 

While the wind tracks all the way up to the North Coast, even further north in BC there are warnings about severe winter storms. In the Haines-Skagway Roads and South Klondike Highway areas Environment Canada is warning that 25 cm of snow is going to fall today leading to hazardous conditions. 

They are advising people in those areas to actually avoid all non-essential travel through there today. They also warn that blowing snow will make visibility through that region suddenly drop to zero. 

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Despite the potentially damaging winds coming to Vancouver, the city is still warmer there than the rest of the country. In the city, the temperature is a balmy 7°C which is actually pretty normal for this time of year. None the less, with those strong winds coming people will want to be extra careful today. 

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