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Vancouver Gas Prices Are Increasing Dramatically Tomorrow So Fill Up Your Tanks Now

Vancouver gas prices will be significantly rising starting on Friday, January 4th.

Vancouverites have been enjoying a dramatic decrease in gas prices over the past month. The gas prices in Vancouver have been much cheaper in the past few weeks than they have been for several months. However, all that is about to change. Gas experts are now recommending that you fill up your tanks today because Vancouver gas prices will be increasing significantly tomorrow

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According to Dan McTeague, the Senior Petroleum Analyst at GasBuddy, gas prices are expected to rise in Vancouver tomorrow. He announced on Twitter today that gas prices in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will rise by several cents a litre starting tomorrow on Friday, January 4th.  

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Gas expert Dan McTeague is predicting that gas prices will increase from around 124.9 cents per litre to 134.9 cents per litre tomorrow. That's a shocking 10 cent increase! McTeague also recommends that Vancouverites fill up today to avoid paying more for gas tomorrow.

So hurry on over to your local gas station today, before it's the end of cheaper gas prices as we know it. Right now, the lowest gas prices in Vancouver are 124.9 a litre, according to GasBuddy. This is 10 cents cheaper than the forecasted price for tomorrow and a much better deal than paying for gas tomorrow. 

Dan McTeague also said in his tweet about Vancouver gas prices to "get ready for a bumpy ride" at gas stations in Canada in 2019. Canadian gas prices are expected to dramatically spike this year and are even forecasted to be the highest prices since 2014, according to GasBuddy

Unfortunately for Vancouverites, the gas price hikes are expected to hit Vancouver the hardest. "The tax increases will be particularly noticeable in Vancouver which will displace Montreal as the highest taxed jurisdiction on fuel in North America," read the press release from GasBuddy

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So before gas prices take a turn for the worse, hurry over to the gas station and fill up your tanks Vancouverites, as recommended by the gas experts. 

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