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"It’s Okay To Be White" Signs Are Actually Being Put Up In Multiple Cities Across Canada

Signs that say "It's okay to be white" are popping up all across Canada.

Signs that say "It's okay to be white" have been popping up in cities all across Canada, all the way from the west coast to the east. Spottings of the sign have been posted on social media. 

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So far, the "It's okay to be white" signs have been seen and photographed so far in Canadian cities Vancouver, Ottawa, and Halifax. The first sighting was spotted on October 31st, and more posters have been popping up in these Canadian cities ever since. 

Local Halifax resident Jody Corkum, a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, even witnessed the signs being put up. He told CBC News that on October 31st, he saw a group of men wearing white masks putting up the "It's okay to be white" posters throughout downtown Halifax. "Anyone who pays attention to politics south of the border, I think, will look at that and be equally disturbed," he said. Two other witnesses to the signs in Halifax were "shocked and disgusted", according to CBC News.

Corkum has reported it to the police but was told that the posters weren't "hate speech". However, local police enforcement are investigating on the west coast of the country. They do echo the sentiment that it isn't currently considered a hate crime, according to News 1130. "We’ll monitor things such as whether or not this is a public incitement of hatred or not," said Staff Sgt. Andrew Perry.

Another one of the places that the sign was put up was in the New Westminster neighbourhood of the Greater Vancouver Area. The local police have publically said that they are now investigating the incident. The posters were spotted on November 1st in New Westminister. 

It appears these signs haven't only been seen in Canada. Recently, they were also spotted in Boston in the U.S. and even all the way in Australia, according to the Ottawa Citizen. 

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