This has been a crazy summer for Canadians. In particular, BC has endured dozens of fires that have been sparked by dry heat and unpredictable storms. 

Now, Metro Vancouver has just issued an "Extreme Fire Danger" warning regarding local parks throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. This prevents locals from having BBQs at parks throughout the region until further notice. 

Here's everything you need to know.


The warning spans all the way from Crippen Regional Park in Bowen Island to Matsqui Trail Regional Park in Mission, BC. The fire warning spans all the way across the Lower Mainland and here are all of the parks that are affected. 

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With this warning in effect, officials are stating that charcoal and wood burning BBQs will not be allowed in the following Metro Vancouver parks until further notice. 

Propane BBQs are okay if they are 12 inches off of the ground. Rangers will be enforcing these bans, considering the weather conditions are dry and extremely susceptible to sparks.

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In addition, an air quality advisory is also in effect for Metro Vancouver. This advisory recommends locals in the area to avoid doing strenuous activities outdoors during the afternoon to early evening when the city's ozone levels are at it's highest.

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