Milo Ventimiglia aka the best dad ever has just graced our beautiful city. We are literally amongst TV royalty. 

Milo plays Jack Pearson on the hit tv show, This Is Us. Season two of the show just wrapped so all of the actors are enjoying their downtime. It seems like Milo, in particular, has been spending his free time traveling! 

@miloanthonyventimigliaembedded via  

On his Instagram, he's been documenting his travels. According to his latest pictures, it looks like he's currently in Vancouver! He stopped at a Vancouver restaurant and took a selfie with the workers there. He even drove out to the suburbs and took pictures in Burnaby, BC.

Via miloanthonyventimiglia

He most recently posted pictures at our famous train station, Pacific Central. If you didn't already know, Milo may be a fantastic actor, but he's also an incredible photographer. 

@miloanthonyventimigliaembedded via  

His Instagram is littered with amazing shots. According to his feed, he's visited Burnaby, Gastown, Kitsilano and Downtown Vancouver. 

He's been taking his Leica camera around the city to take some beautiful snaps. We don't blame him, our city is definitely #instaworthy. Enjoy your time in Vancouver, Milo! 

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