Who doesn't love getting flights for a much cheaper price than normal? Vancouverites can rejoice because a brand new ultra low cost airline is officially coming to Vancouver and they will offer super cheap flights from the city. Canada Jetlines announced today on February 7 that not only will this new airline be offering several flights out of Vancouver, but they have also chosen YVR airport to be their home airport and main base of operations. 

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The new Canadian airline company made the exciting announcement in a news release today. Their plans have also been confirmed and approved by the Vancouver International Airport.

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"Jetlines has filed and received confirmation from YVR that all airport slots needed to operate their initial network using their first two Airbus A320 aircraft will be available," read the release

Jetlines expects to start launching flights from the Vancouver airport later this year in 2019, according to the news release. The Canadian airline is planning to offer flights from several exciting destinations once they launch. They plan to offer super cheap direct flights domestically within Canada. 

Their flight plans don't stop nationally but will expand globally. Canada Jetlines also plans to offer non-stop flights from Canada to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

"Canada Jetlines is set to become Canada’s first true Ultra-Low Cost Carrier (ULCC) airline," reads the release. On their official website, the airline also claims that Canada is "the only remaining G7 country that does not offer a true low-cost carrier option" and Canada Jetlines says that they hope to change this. 

So how did Canada Jetlines decide to make Vancouver their main hub of flight operations? "Jetlines selected YVR as their future base for operations due to it being the second busiest airport in Canada, serving more than 25.9 million passengers in 2018," read the release. "It is also the busiest airport in British Columbia and the airport with the largest catchment area". 

YVR Airport is also excited about Canada Jetlines launching at the Vancouver airport. "It is great to hear that this Canadian-operated airline is making positive progress to begin offering service," said Anne Murray, the Vice President of Airline Business Development and Public Affairs at the Vancouver Airport Authority, in the news release.

"We are excited that Jetlines intends to offer flights from YVR across Canada and to several sun destinations as this will provide added choice for our passengers in the future". 

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To find out more about new ultra low cost airline Canada Jetlines, you can visit their website

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