Nothing says long weekends during the summer in Canada quite like a road trip to get away from the city.

Unfortunately, road trips can be expensive, especially with the price of gas where it is now.

And for one Canadian city, people are going to be paying well over 150 cents a litre to fill up all weekend long. 

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That city would be Vancouver, where prices are expected to rise all the way up to a staggering 160.9 cents a litre by the end of the weekend.

To give you some perspective in Toronto, which is also known for having exceptionally high gas prices, the average cost per litre right now is 137.9 cents. 

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So that’s over 20 cents more for each litre.

There are 3 main reasons gas is costing people in Vancouver so much Firstly part of the price jump can be put down to a spike in demand for the long weekend, and the 4th of July in the States next week.

The weak Canadian dollar is also not helping keep gas prices lower. 

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The real issue though according to experts is that there simply isn’t aren’t enough oil refineries in the area, causing high gas prices for Vancouverites year round.

Prices in the states will be cheaper so if you’re planning a weekend south of the border you’re probably better off filling up there if you can.


Source: Global News

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