Everyone has had some kind of terrible living arrangement at some point in their life. Maybe you had a bad roommate, or your apartment was terrible. Maybe living at home with your parents was a nightmare.

But, one woman in British Columbia is currently living in what has to be the worst living arrangement of all time.

She’s living in someone’s backyard for $1,000 a month, and that isn’t even the worst of it. 

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In yet another sign of just how terrible the housing market in Vancouver has become a woman named Christina Monaco is living in a tent in the backyard of a 13-bedroom house in the city.

Why would she live in the backyard if there are 13 bedrooms in the house, you ask?

Because there are about 20 people living in the house already, according to Monaco. 

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Monaco used to live in the house, she says, but moved to a tent in the backyard because it got too crowded, noisy, and dirty for her inside.

And she’s still paying $1,000 each month to camp out in the tent.  

Vancouver is known for its high cost of housing but really gives you an idea of how bad the market has become in recent years. 

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The property manager disagrees with Monaco’s claim that there are about 20 people living in the house, saying that the house only has 14 or 15 tenants. 

The house is scheduled for demolition in the coming months, according to the property manager.

Maybe it will join the ranks of this Vancouver property, which is currently up for sale for $3.9 million despite being torn down

Source: Global News

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