As you all know, Pokémon GO has been released in Canada. It has been sweeping the streets of Vancouver and it has Metro Vancouver's Transit Police slightly concerned. Not only are people paying less attention to their surroundings as they frolic through augmented reality, but some players have actually risked their life to catch these virtual monsters.

Reports came out Wednesday, stating that two teenagers were spotted playing the Pokémon GO game on their phones at a downtown Skytrain station when one decided to jump onto the tracks while his friend watched from the platform. Police say it was quite evident that this thoughtless action was clearly in response to playing the game.

The young man appeared to catch the pokémon and then returned to the platform uninjured. The two then ran off before the police could intercept. Transit officials say this boy was very lucky as “there is a 600-volt charge on the sides of the tracks and should this young man have touched this area he would have been electrocuted.”

You gotta catch 'em all, but it is not worth putting your life in danger. Let's be smarter in the future.

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