Riverdale's KJ Apa Says Vancouver Is Boring And People Are Definitely Feeling Some Type Of Way

At least our food is good though.

We love Vancouver and so do many famous celebs like Kate Winslet, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, just to name a few...except one. And he's a big one.

Last night on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, KJ Apa said that Vancouver was boring...and local Riverdale fans, as well as our fellow Vancouverites, were shook.

Our little Archie said:

"The only thing is when you’re there for a long time it can get kind of boring."

And then continued:

"The city’s not the biggest city in the world, everything kind of shuts early as well, which I guess is good."

At least he gave us a little credit by complimenting our food scene, but maybe it wasn't enough for Vancouverites.

All last night into this morning, social media has been popping off! Seems like Vancouverites had a lot to say about KJ's thoughts on our city.

Some were pretty pissed at him:

Some didn't really care:

And it seems like some 100% agree:

But I mean, at least our food is good right?

What do you think? Is KJ Apa right about Vancouver?

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