To celebrate the CW's second season of Riverdale, Vancouver's favourite classic diner, The Templeton, located at 1087 Granville St., will transform into Pop Tate's classic diner, where we see Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica hang out on the reg. The Templeton's will be hosting their pop up on Friday, October 13 from 7PM to 11PM.

And if you're a true die-hard Riverdale fan, you can even head to Mission's Rocko's Family Diner, where the original diner where the series was filmed and watch the screening of Riverdale's second season on Thursday, October 12 from 7PM to 11PM.

via @thecwriverdale

The diners will be serving up two deliciously Riverdale-themed shakes, The Betty, a classic vanilla, and The Veronica, a double chocolate. Did we mention they're free? 

RSVP and get more details here. Until then? Enjoy the season 2 trailer until the episodes drop on Netflix. 

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