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Someone In Vancouver Put Up A Real Electric Fence Around Their Home And Canadians Are Divided Over It

A house in Kitsilano, Vancouver now has an electrical fence around it.

A homeowner in Vancouver decided to protect their by placing an electric fence around the borders of their house and locals have really mixed feelings about it. Some are confused as to why there needs to be an electric fence in that neighbourhood, others are slamming the homeowner and calling the decision illegal and some are defending them. 

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A photo of a home with a brand new electric fence was posted on to Reddit yesterday and it's causing quite a stir. Many locals are divided on the decision. The house pictured in the post is supposedly located in Kitsilano, which is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Guarding the house is a fence with a sign that says "ELECTRIC FENCE, DANGER, KEEP TO SIDEWALK, KEEP OUT, ON – DUSK TO DAWN". Well, if that wasn't clear enough to keep outsiders from the property we don't know what is. 

Via Reddit User CivicBlues | Screenshot

The Reddit thread had people seriously divided on whether or not this electric fence was okay. There were over 100 comments on the thread since it was posted less than 24 hours ago.  

Several people on Reddit are calling the move illegal. Based on this document from the City of Vancouver, it appears that they are right. "The Guide For Residential Fences, Including Overheight Fences, Arbours & Trellises" from the City of Vancouver states that "barbed wire, razor wire and electrified fences are not permitted". You can check out the full document here

Check out some of the Reddit reactions. As you can see, there is a wide array of opinions. Some people are making a joke out of it, while others are taking the matter more seriously. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

The Redditor above made light of the situation by controversially poking fun at Vancouver's homelessness problem. He joked that the Vancouverite using the electric fence may be using it to keep out drunk students and homeless people.

Via Screenshot | Reddit

While some are shocked that a homeowner would electrify their fence, others don't seem to see the issue. Some stated that this could be harmful to those in the neighbourhood and could be a potential public hazard. Another went on to say that it's not actually the black fence that's a hazard, he guesses that it's the small yellow wires behind that are dangerous to intruders. 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

You can check out the full Reddit thread and see all the reactions for yourself. Only time will tell if the fence gets torn down, whether by the homeowner or by the city officials. 

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