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The Weather Network Reveals BC And Alberta Will Have Warmer Winter This Year

The Weather Network has released their 2019 Winter Forecast for Canada.

Fall in Canada has been absolutely wild this year. All western Canadian provinces – Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan – saw snow hit the province as early as September and it sure set the mood that fall was canceled and winter was arriving early. 

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However, now it looks like that despite the cold, winter-like fall season, the weather won't be getting worse for actual winter time. The Weather Network just revealed today their official Winter Forecast and it's pretty unexpected considering how cold the season has been in Western Canada. 

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For Western Canada, The Weather Network is forecasting a warmer than usual winter, contrary to what you would expect from the fall weather. 

"We have a developing El Niño and typically that signals a milder winter across most of the country and for Western Canada that is exactly what we expect for the upcoming season," announced The Weather Network in a statement. "For the western Prairies this means the abnormally cold fall has not been a sign of things to come". 

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However, despite the El Niño season, that's not the case for all of Canada. Eastern Canada can expect a much colder winter than what an El Niño usually brings. 

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Check out The Weather Network's map of Canada that shows the temperatures for winter 2018. As you can see from the picture, Western Canada and Northern Canada is forecasted to receive above normal temperatures, while the East Coast will experience the opposite. 

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There's also expected to be less snow in parts of Western Canada, namely B.C. "Across the rest of Canada, snow totals are expected to be near normal, but a large region from southern B.C. to northwestern Ontario could see less snow than normal during the months of December, January and February," said The Weather Network

Besides less snow for B.C., the province is also expected to receive less rainfall than normal – which is a big deal considering Vancouver is nicknamed Raincouver. "Below normal precipitation is anticipated across southern B.C. with fewer storms and more extended periods of dry weather," wrote The Weather NetworkFall this year in Vancouver has been one of the sunniest in several years. 

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As for Alberta and western Saskatchewan, the provinces are also forecasted to experience a milder winter. "The Prairies will be the battle zone between the mild Pacific air to the west and Arctic air to the east," wrote The Weather Network. "This will result in a changeable winter with back and forth swings in temperature, which are expected to tip to the mild side of normal across Alberta and into western Saskatchewan."

To find out more about The Weather Network's 2019 Winter Forecast or to read the full report, you can visit their website

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