So many Vancouverites love to eat out, especially since there are so many good restaurants throughout the city. We're lucky to be able to choose from such a wide selection of restaurants, and that there are so many good local ones to support. Vancouver's city health inspectors regularly check in on Vancouver restaurants, and some have recently been charged with health infractions

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Every year, the Vancouver Coastal Health inspects thousands of food-related establishments every year to make sure they are adhering to restaurant and food health safety. 

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Please keep in mind that restaurants who have been given an infraction normally resolve the issue quickly. The Vancouver Coastal Health will issue an infraction if there is a problem during the inspection. "In the vast majority of cases the operator can have the problem corrected promptly, sometimes even while the inspector is still there," says the Vancouver Coastal Health on their website

If the restaurant doesn't fix a problem by the deadline from inspectors, there are different consequences that can happen. "The inspector may use such actions as compliance meetings with the operator, ticketing (in some types of facilities), closure and removal of the operating permit/license, and prosecution," reads the Vancouver Coastal Health's website

Local businesses are crucial to Canadian cities and we are so thankful that there are so many great ones in Vancouver. Don't be alarmed if one of your favorite restaurants or somewhere you've been wanting to try is listed below because they have the opportunity to fix the issue and pass the inspection again later. 

Here are some of the Vancouver restaurants that have been charged with health infractions since December 2018, which were listed on the Vancouver Coastal Health's website

Crave India

Where: 1019 Granville Street

When: February 4, 2019

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation

Teriyaki Experience

Where: #234 – 1055 W Georgia Street

When: February 4, 2019

Why: Lack of hot water

Sweet Country Foods

Where: 2538 Kingsway

When: January 23, 2019

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation


Where: 618 Malkin Avenue

When: January 21, 2019

Why: Lack of hot water

Hirado Sushi

Where: 1431 Commercial Drive

When: January 16, 2019

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Improper dishwashing/glasswashing, Pest infestation

Indian Bay Restaurant

Where: 4890 Victoria Drive

When: January 14, 2019

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation


Where: 519 Dunsmuir Street

When: January 14, 2019

Why: Pest infestation

Curry House

Where: 1070 – 3700 No. 3 Road

When: January 9

Why: Lack of hot water

Cazba Restaurant

Where: 132 16th Street

When: January 2, 2019

Why: Pest infestation

Mamie Taylor's

Where: 251 E Georgia St

When: December 28, 2018

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation

Wendy's – Grandview Highway

Where: 3698 Grandview Highway

When: December 11, 2018

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Heat/smoke/water damage

Kamei Royale Restaurant

Where: 110 – 1066 West Hastings Street

When: November 27

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation

Gulberg Restaurant

Where: 5943 Fraser Street

When: November 27, 2018

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Pest infestation

Dosa & Curry on Davie

Where: 1188 Davie Street

When: November 6, 2018

Why: Lack of hot water, Pest infestation 

Noodle Express

Where: 1517 Robson Street

When: November 2

Why: Improper food storage temperatures

Goldies Pizza

Where: 605 West Pender Street

When: October 25, 2018

Why: Lack of hot water, Improper dishwashing/glasswashing

Sing Kee Restaurant

Where: 3479 Kingsway

When: October 24, 2018

Why: Unsanitary conditions, Improper dishwashing/glasswashing, Pest infestation

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