As we’re sure you’ve noticed it is summer in Canada, and that means you can actually go outside with your friends and party every once in a while now.

Well that is unless you live in one B.C. city that is, because you aren’t allowed to party at all pretty much anymore there.

The city even sent out a blunt press release titled ‘The party is over.’ You may as well just call it the city of no fun allowed. 

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No this is not some kind of joke, the city of Penticton B.C. is going out of its way to curb excessive partying. It's slightly similar to the rules Queens University put in after its students couldn't stop throwing parties of epic proportions

The release starts off innocently enough saying “Penticton is a beautiful and safe community. Penticton is our home. If you are here to enjoy all Penticton has to offer, “Welcome.” 

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But then things get a little less inviting “If you are here to break the law, drink and use drugs in a public place, occupy and damage city and private property, your life is about to get complicated.” 

The city is clearly not messing around here “the City of Penticton is taking a zero tolerance approach to all unacceptable behaviors and illegal activities.” 

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The city is hoping to crack down on “a small group of people that cause a high percentage of the problems.” 

So if you were planning a trip to the South Okanagan Valley with a stop in Penticton for a complete rager party you’ll have to cancel it or face the law. 

Source: Global News


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