Canadians are incredibly patriotic especially when it comes to local celebrities. No matter what, we back up our Canadian counterparts all around the world. Although we don’t have many celebrities that come from our great nation, the few that do have an amazing support system. So much so that a hotel in BC recently trolled a guest with a picture of Ryan Reynolds after she requested that a photo of Channing Tatum be put in her room. The prank is hilarious at heart and gives a new meaning to supporting local. 

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A woman named Sarah took to Twitter last weekend to show possibly the funniest prank ever pulled by hotel staff in BC. According to her tweet, Sarah and her boyfriend were staying at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria. 

Upon request, Sarah asked that a photo of Channing Tatum be placed in her room. While he is a heartthrob, the hotel took this as the perfect opportunity to show that you do not have to travel far to find a handsome actor in Canada. 

Instead of finding a photo of Tatum, Sarah and her boyfriend entered the room to find a glossy picture of Ryan Reynolds laying on the bed. But this isn’t where the prank ends!

Next to the photo was a sassy letter writer by hotel staff. The note reads: “Welcome back to the Inn at Laurel Point. We received your request for a photo of Channing Tatum to be placed in your guest room, however, as a Laurel Hotel we like to support local and instead provided a photo of BC’s local heartthrob Ryan Reynolds.”

The author of the note did not stop the savagery there! The note read on to say that if Sarah and her boyfriend really wanted the photo of Tatum they can find it.... in the trash! 

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A curious Sarah checked the trash and sure enough, there was Tatum! The beautiful photo of the hunk was found in the recycling bin because of even our pranks in Canada are environmentally conscious. 

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Sarah did not take the prank personally and actually found it too hilarious not to share it on Twitter. In her tweet, she made not of tagging Reynolds. Although he has yet to respond, we are sure he will after this as the post is slowly going viral. #supportlocal. 

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