Finding a job in Ontario right now may be tricky, especially since most jobs require multiple years of experience that you may not have. However, you may be in luck because British Columbia is currently experiencing a shortage of teachers and are hiring people with no certified teaching experience to teach within the school board because they need teachers ASAP.

As the winter break starts to come to an end, BC is still struggling to fill 400 teaching positions within 60 school districts across the province. As the shortage continues to grow from previous teachers retiring or going on maternity leave, BC is having a hard time trying to find enough staff to teach their students.

Glen Hansman, President of the BC Teacher’s Federation, states that some school boards within BC are so short-staffed and desperate to hire that they are hiring people who are not certified to teach in schools.

Hansman states, “There’s a historically high number of individuals who aren’t teachers at all. They aren’t certified, not trained as teachers, but they don’t have enough qualified and certified people they can hire and keep,”.

The BC school board is desperate to hire as soon as possible, as the impacts of these shortages are being felt throughout the province as students are missing out on smaller classroom experiences and support.

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Hansman has started to come up with some future solutions that will encourage more people to apply as a teacher throughout the upcoming year. These include mentorship programs from BC teaching jobs and forgiving student loans for those who study to become a teacher within BC.

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This teacher shortage has been a problem in British Columbia for quite some time and has made the school board desperate. Many people who are currently being hired into the school system at the moment are people who may have been volunteers within the school board in the past, a parent in the community or just someone who has a university degree, even if they have no previous teaching experience what so ever.

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With more than 400 teaching job openings available, now may be your time to look into this career path. Make a Future has posted all the openings for teachers on their website, as well as the salaries that come with it.

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Some job offerings are offering an average range of salary from $45,000 to $88,000 a year. (Yet this isn’t every job postings salary, so make sure to check carefully).

In order to apply, all you have to do is scroll through the job offerings at, read through the qualifications, location, salary, and benefits to find a job fit for you and then click the blue ‘apply online’ button to start your application.

Source: City News 1130, CBC 

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