The Canadian Wildfires have been a serious tragedy and environmental disaster, to say the least. The BC government declared a provincial state of emergency just two weeks ago. The fires have wreaked havoc on environmental habitats, forced some BC citizens out of their homes, destroyed air quality, among several other detrimental effects on the province. 

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Although the air quality in Vancouver has returned to normal, there are still numerous wildfires taking place across the province. Fortunately, we have skilled and courageous firefighters who are working to put these flames to rest. 

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A short video that was posted on Saturday showed a helicopter pilot with an insane amount of skill hosing down the wildfires in BC. The video shows the helicopter flying towards the large flame, releasing water from the hose before it flies above the fire and putting out the flames in the most precise way possible. 

The wildfire depicted in the video is the Lake Shovel fire in northwestern British Columbia. According to The BC Wildfire Service, the fire is now contained. It was once one of the largest wildfires in the province and has been burning since July 27. 

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The impressive video has already gone viral on Facebook, with over 400,000 views in the past few days. As of now, there are over 8000 shares on the posts and hundreds of comments from people showing support and in awe of the level of precision. 

As the wildfires are tragically still prevalent in British Columbia, we are thankful to have firefighters who are helping contain them. Firefighters from all across the country and around the world have come to help fight the wildfires in the province. 

Source: Daily Mail 

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