Our lives in Vancouver have almost been preset to a filter that is reminiscent of Britney's Slave 4 U video where the air quality does feel like everyone's breathing heavily in a corner. 

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We were going to have a few days of record-breaking hot temperatures, but instead, wildfires are ravaging the province, prompting evacuation orders, and we're stuck with this smoky mess that is literally a health hazard - especially in some BC towns up north like Kamloops.

A Redditor, azdesign, posted an image of his view of Mount Baker to demonstrate just how dire the situation is. 

Mount Baker on a clear day, yesterday and today from vancouver

Yikes! Of course, smoky air is no biggie, but let's just hope the wildfires stop growing as there are currently 130 of them across the province. 

Source: CBC News

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