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This Is The First City In Canada To Ban "Conversion Therapy" And Here's What That Means



City councillors just voted to ban conversion therapy in Vancouver and boy, are we happy with the results.

If you're unaware, conversion therapy is an old backwards method used to "change" a person's gender identity or sexual orientation. This was especially popular back in the day when people didn't understand homosexuality.

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Many religious groups and other businesses would operate across the world, attempting to "change" their patient's sexual orientations with their form of "therapy". Even though we don't hear about these businesses much anymore, it is still a problem across Canada. 

We are very happy to report that Vancouver's city councillors all voted unanimously on Wednesday in favour of the motion to prohibit businesses from providing services or counselling intended to change a person's gender identity or sexual orientation. 

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Above is a photo of Peter Gajdics, a survivor of conversion therapy, Yogi Omar, councilman Tim Stevenson and Vancouver mayor, Gregor Robertson celebrating the official end of conversion therapy in Vancouver.

Yes, Vancouver will be banning conversion therapy. According to supporters, Vancouver is the first municipality in Canada to do so. The business licence bylaw will also apply to religious groups who hold business licences in the city. 

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