A constant struggle of living in the big city is the continuous rise in gas prices. The rise of gas prices is never-ending, especially when you're constantly filling up to commute around the Greater Vancouver Area. If you live in Vancouver, then you're probably not that surprised that our current gas prices are literally the highest in North America.

Vancouver prices reached 150.9 cents per litre at some stations today. According to GasBuddy.com analyst, Dan McTeague, the price has increased by 20 cents over the past couple of weeks.

Via GasBuddy

Don't forget that premium gas prices are even higher! After looking at the map and searching for "premium gas", we noticed that the prices today are reaching 171.9 cents per litre! If your car only takes premium, your wallet is definitely going to feel lighter after your next fill-up.

Via GasBuddy

The GasBuddy analyst believes there are several factors contributing to the heightened costs of gasoline.

  1. The decline of the Canadian dollar.

  2. Shortage of supply to the Lower Mainland.

  3. Reliance on U.S. refineries.

  4. U.S. refineries charging premium prices for gas.

Unfortunately, McTeague believes with spring maintenance coming up at most refineries, prices will likely remain high in April. Maybe this is the right time for Vancouverites to load up their Compass cards and start taking transit to work, it seems like it's going to be a costly spring if you're commuting by car every day.

Source: The Vancouver Sun

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