Two Vancouverites allegedly experienced an unpleasant encounter with a taxi driver after they were leaving the emergency room at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver. A Vancouver taxi driver reportedly tried to scam two passengers on their way back from the hospital. The victims were upset about the incident and posted about it to Reddit over the weekend.

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Reddit User 'Kikxjsksndjf' posted his side of a story of the encounter with the Vancouver taxi driver onto the platform. According to the Redditor, the taxi driver tried to scam him and his girlfriend not just once, but twice. It all started when they were picked up by the taxi at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver, after having just left the emergency room because his girlfriend was sick.   

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The Redditor outlines his side of the story and what scam the taxi driver allegedly attempted. "Scam #1: 10 mins in, randomly asks me how we are planning to pay. I say credit card, he says his machine is 'slow' and all that. He tells me how he wants to drop me off at an ATM (we’re coming from the hospital, mind you)," wrote Redditor Kikxjsksndjf. 

"I tell him no and ask him to just pull over and let me pay our fare, he agrees and pulls over in the middle of nowhere. He doesn’t seem to mind doing this with my gf passed out in the back seat". 

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After the first alleged scam, the taxi driver reportedly tried to pull off another one according to the Redditor. "Scam #2: The meter was $11.15, but he thought we were too sick/drunk to notice that he put $35.00 in the machine," wrote Redditor Kikxjsksndjf. "As soon as I start recording he agrees to drop us off at our home, but not after 'showing me' that the machine was not working". 

This time, the passenger tried to get proof of the scam and recorded a quick video of the driver attempting to overcharge them. Check out the video below, posted by the Redditor onto Streamable

As you can see in the video, the taxi meter shows that the fare was $11.15, but the machine is trying to charge the passenger $35.00. The passenger also commented on the video on Reddit, saying, "Notice how [the driver's] voice starts trembling and he says 'okay I will drop you off in [burnaby] when I start recording'". 

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The incident has sparked public outrage on Reddit. Many people are upset that this would happen. The top comment was from ayuk3n, who wrote, "Given the pickup location, this is all pretty terrible. Trying to scam someone who is leaving the hospital... possibly in a vulnerable state...". It received 157 points. 

Another Redditor pointed out that getting scammed by taxi drivers in Vancouver is a too common occurrence. "This is what it is though," wrote Overclocked11. "More than a few people have voiced their experiences on this subreddit, and many more have their own stories about getting scammed by cabs but a common thread amongst many people is that they were taken advantage of". 

Many locals took this opportunity to call for the need of ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft in the city. "If more people realize that taxis are a scam then people will realize we need uber and lyft quicker," wrote Redditor Cheesy_Puffs81 and it got 92 points. There were many other comments like it.

Ridesharing legislation was introduced by the B.C. government in Vancouver just a couple months ago in November. However, ridesharing companies are not expected to start operating in the city until fall 2019.

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