Do you like ice cream? Do you like saving money?

Do you play Pokémon? Chances are the answer to all three of those questions is yes. If that's true, then you have to check out this Vancouver ice cream shop.

Lik Ice Cream sells liquid nitrogen ice cream and now it's not only tasty, but 25 per cent off if you drop a Pokémon lure when buying yourself a delicious frozen treat.

The company noticed weeks ago as the world-sweeping game was released, that people were running around in front of their store looking for the virtual creatures. They decided to take advantage of this new craze, using a “pokeconomy” marketing strategy to get more business. This method has been adopted all throughout the world, as businesses look to profit off of the extreme success of Pokémon GO.

Getting customers to drop Pokémon “bait” incentivizes more customers to come to their Robson Street store in search of Pokémon and they are banking that this strategy will add to their daily revenue despite the discount. So far they have noticed more traffic, “especially at night time when the kids are out.”

We can expect technology based strategies like this to continue in future marketing endeavours as it would be foolish not to use this form of free advertisement to attract customers. With just a few more weeks of sunny Vancouver weather, this is the time to get some discounted ice cream and maybe even catch a Pikachu.

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