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You Need To See This Insane Photo Of Canada's Worst Driver Right Now

This driver is breaking multiple distracted driving laws in a single photograph and Canadians are tearing her apart.

This article was originally published on August 30, 2018.

Any driver will tell you that the daily commute is stressful but everyone has their own driving ritual to help keep them sane. For some, it can be jamming out to the radio while others sip on a hot coffee and let the warmth sweep over them. 

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No matter what your ritual is, all drivers will appreciate this photo of Vancouver's worst driver who clearly is stressed to the max. Why else would you need to read, eat, text and drive all at once? 

Via Reddit

The post has gone viral on Reddit after the original poster caught the woman driving down the highway in Vancouver, BC. You can clearly see the book balanced in her lab, as she drives with her left hand on the wheel and texts with her right hand. 

Not to mention the Cheetos puffs that are casually placed in the passenger seat of the car. While we love a good cheesy puff now and again, imagine the Cheeto dust that would get on your steering wheel. 

Via Reddit

Redditors were quick to call out this driver for being super distracted behind the wheel. Not only is she putting her own life in danger, there are others she is putting at risk no matter how boring her commute is. 

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Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Other Redditors commented on how the driver may have been sitting in a parked position if the highway was backed up but the left hand on the steering wheel seems a little unnatural for others to believe it. 

Another Redditor caught another driver earlier in the week playing Pokémon GO while on the roads.

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Somebody call Canada's Worst Driver because this lady is hands down (or hands off?) the winner for 2018. 

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