When I go out with my BFF, it always involved food. Either for lunch, dinner or just an afternoon snack, our ritual is to always discover new restaurants that none of us have been to. Sometimes, we feel our relationship is bound by our love for food. It can be sweet, savoury, fatty, bitter, we eat everything.

As she's coming next week in Vancouver, I thought of listing the best restaurants in downtown Vancouver! As we'll send the day together, lunches will be THE meal of day. Here are the best restaurants in downtown Vancouver to have a cute lunch with your BBF:

Phot cred - @2worldtravellers

Meat & Bread // 370 Cambie St

For a quick lunch, this is the place to go. Waiters are super welcoming and always know what fits the most with your taste, as the menu is changing everyday. I dare you not to get their brownie ice-cream sandwich for dessert...

Photo cred - @alisongenevieve

The Meet in Gastown // 12 Water St

This is one of Vancouver's must-try restaurants! 100% vegan, this place will convince you that vegan does not only mean eating fruits. My BFF loves creamy mac & cheese, I can't wait for her to taste the vegan one!

Photo cred - @tognettispaghetti

Nuba // 207W Hastings St

Food-addicts will love this Lebanese restaurant. Nuba offers yummy small dishes that taste like heaven! Plus, if it's your first time tasting Lebanese, you get to eat a great diversity of traditional dishes that will make your pallet dance!

Photo cred - @orangeau

Top of Vancouver // 555W Hastings St

That restaurant will blow your mind! Not only do you get to eat in a fancy restaurant but you enjoy a breath-taking view of Vancouver! Although it's a bit pricy, you never count when it comes to spending on food with your BFF!

Photo cred - @christylamyan

Bao Down // 12 Powell St

This one of the best fusion food restaurant in Vancouver. Using rice-flour bread, you'll get to taste a variety of small and delicious sandwiches topped with delicious spicy sauce. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, this is place is great for comfort and flavourful food.

Photo cred - @gdeep.yse

Tsuki Sushi Bar // 509 Abbott St

Vancouver is the place to eat California rolls. Fusing Western ingredients with Japanese rice and seaweed rolls, this taste even better as they are super healthy! What I love about Tsuki Bar is they offers a large variety of rolls (especially vegetarians) AND they have an amazing dessert menu like black sesame cheesecake.

Photo cred - @nerowafflebar

Nero Belgian Waffle // 1703 Robson St

Fill your food-savvy tummy with the most amazing waffles in Vancouver. Make it yourself waffles you won't even think of sharing, you'll want to eat both one savoury and one sweet waffle until the last bit! How to resist to a Brussel waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, hazelnut crumble and caramel sauce?

Photo cred - @madeleineleanne

Cafe medina // 780 Richard St

This place is known for brunch, but the real food-savvy do not care whether they had breakfast already, Cafe Medina's brunch is calling for them! Serving brunch from 8 to 3pm, you'll spend more time debating with your BFF on what to order than eating those scrumptious dishes!

Photo cred - @frankiesitaliankitchen

Frankie's Italian Kitchen & Bar // 765 Beatty St

For cozy and intimidate lunch with your bestie, Frankie's offers great food and a lovely atmosphere. You'll get to share gossip and secrets over authentic Italian comfort food. Plus, they have unique cocktails such as the coffee martinis.

Photo cred  - @pangcouver

The Hungry Guys // 988 Granville St

For healthy and filling option, the Hungry Guys have great summer deals with make-your-own salad at $6.50 and/or burrito at $8.89. Colourful and fresh, you'll get to make great pictures of your lunches with your BFF!

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