It seems that when summer arrives, everyone in Vancouver comes out of hibernation and many of the popular locations become packed beyond belief.

With good reason too, the warm days can be so beautiful - but here we have some spots that can satisfy your summer needs without the crowds!

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Dude Chilling Park // Main Street

Originally an art installation created as a prank, Dude Chilling Park is now a permanent part of Main Street. Located slightly within the suburbs, come here on a warm sunny day to, yes, chill!

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6 Pack Indoor Beach // Richmond

If the sun is beating down on you too hard, you can always head to 6 Pack's indoor beach volleyball courts, where you can get the full experience of beach volleyball - without the sunburn. Grab a bunch of friends and get competitive!

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Narrow Lounge // Main Street

There is no signage or marketing for this hipster spot, and it is only identifiable by the red light above the door - truly a hidden gem. During the summer, the Narrow Lounge expands to a small patio featuring delicious summer cocktails to help you relax whilst soaking in the sun.

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Botanical Beach // Port Renfrew

Explore Botanical Beach on a hot summer's day during low tide, where you will find an array of amazing tidal pools with little sea creatures dwelling within!

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Secret Tree // Cambie

The fun is in locating the 'secret' tree located in Cambie - so we won't give too much away! Here's a clue - head south from the King Edward Skytrain Station and find your way from there. The view is amazing from the top of the tree!

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Goldstream Trestle // Victoria

When the warm summer arrives, there is no better time to get up and explore! The abandoned railway at Goldstream Provincial Park is a popular spot - but you can also chill out at many of the picnic areas at the park.

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Train Wreck // Whistler

One of the more unique hikes you will go on, this free public art gallery in Whistler is a popular spot for local graffiti artists and photographers. Grab a hiking buddy and check this place out!

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Enchanted Forest // Revelstoke

Another unique spot on this list, the Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke will delight anyone of all ages. When the sun is shining, the forest glows and it is the perfect time to explore the fairytale figures and treehouse!

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Mystery Lake // Mount Seymour

Just a short hike through the forest from the parking lot, Mystery Lake is one of the best spots to swim or suntan on a hot summer's day!

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Stearman Beach // West Vancouver

Hidden by the surrounding mansions, Stearman Beach is one of the best hidden beaches in Vancouver that won't be overrun by crowds. There are many tidal pools and streams to explore!

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Monarch Burger // Vancouver

Go to Monarch Burger at The American for a burger - nothing fancy, just a seriously good burger! Go between 5-7pm daily for happy hour, where you can get a burger and a beer for just $12.

With so many activities to do and places to go this summer, you will have endless memories to make!

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