As a UBC student attempting to enlighten her brain and establish some sort of stable career path, I have had an overwhelming year. After a heavy semester filled with all-nighters and coffee practically swimming in my blood stream, it's now finally time for some serious soul cleansing.

The buzzing life of any Vancouverite is forever hectic. Whether it's your social circle, school, or work, everybody has something constantly lingering at the back of their minds.

As the sunglasses start to appear and umbrellas take a well deserved break, an indulgence in some 'me time' is finally due.

Here are 11 gorgeous gardens to help you ease your mind and breathe in summer:

Photo cred- @rachelonroute

1.  Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden // 578 Carrall St. 

Rejuvenate your stressed out energy in this serene space. This is the first Chinese garden of its kind to be built outside of China, acting as a symbol of the ties between our communities.

Photo cred- @juliadinglasan

2. Nitobe Memorial Garden // UBC

This little escape is labeled one of the most authentic traditional Japanese gardens in all of North America. The now Emperor of Japan, Akihito said: “I am in Japan” as he strolled through.

Photo cred- @inside_vancouver

3. Van Dusen Botanical Garden // 5251 Oak St.

Opening in June for the summer, The Van Dusen Botanical Garden has tons of inspiring amenities. Get lost in your thoughts while making your way through the Elizbethan maze… but try not to actually get lost!

Photo cred- @areeesh

4. Bloedel Conservatory // Queen Elizabeth Park

Find yourself in a tropical paradise, any time of the year. The Bloedel Conservatory is home to over 200 species of exotic birds and over 500 species of exotic plants.

Photo cred- @savannafuentes

5. Shakespeare Garden // Stanley park

Give your mind a treat for powering through your English Lit class and take a stroll through this Garden. Home to trees mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays with appropriate quotes, this space will really awaken your inner nerd!

Photo cred- @noorkhwaja

6. Classical Chinese Garden // International Buddhist Temple

Absorb the philosophies of Buddhist culture through the elaborate and traditional features of this beautiful garden.

Photo cred-@viagemdigital 

7. Quarry Gardens // Queen Elizabeth Park

Find a magical nature filled escape on Cambie street.

Photo cred- @blackcattery

8. Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden // Stanley Park

Dedicated to Ted and Mary Greig who were pioneers in the Rhodendron culture, this quirky space puts a West Coast spin on traditional gardens.

Photo cred- @imtrishako

9. Rose Garden // UBC

Enjoy the campus’s sacred view in a courtly-love themed rose garden. The perfect place to attempt to understand poetry!

Photo cred- @benjiggy

10. Park and Tilford Gardens // North Vancouver

Engage in a European style garden with themed areas for ultimate tranquility.

Photo cred- @marwi200

11. Century Garden // Deer Lake Park

Admire the city of Burnaby’s official flower, the Rhododendron in this lovely garden.

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