So your old friend is in town for the week, and as much as you feel like you love, live and breathe the city, when it comes to planning an itinerary, you can't help but to think: "Are they going to like it?", "Is it going to be fun for them?", "Is this toooo touristy?"

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The answer to your questions is, it doesn't really matter. Because they're here, and they're really here for you. But of course you want them to have a good time!

So, we've rounded up a few places and a couple lists that you and your out-of-towner have to go and explore! Some of these are tourist favourites and some are local favourites. Wherever you go, you're bound to have a good time, because hey, it's summer, you're in Vancouver, and you're with your BFF!

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1. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge // 3663 Park Rd.

Forget about paying $60 to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge, as much as it is gorgeous, why pay when you can experience one for free just a short drive away? The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is located inside Lynn Canyon Park and it's totally free.

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2. Gastown

This one might sound a little cliché, but Gastown really is a gem. Whether you're there during the day or at night, it's charming character is something your out-of-towner will appreciate. Go during the day to sit and chill at some super cute coffee shops or go at night to be enchanted by the city lights or some hottie at a bar.

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3. Richmond Night Market // 8351 River Rd.

You would be doing your visiting BFF an absolute disservice if you failed to bring them to the Richmond Night Market. As Canada's largest food festival with over 200 retail vendors and 500 food items to choose from, don't let them leave Vancouver with an empty stomach. I mean, we do love bragging about our food scene.

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4. One of these hidden beaches // EVERYWHERE!

Yes, of course you can bring your friend to Stanely Park and go biking. But why not also bring them to one of these low key hidden beaches around the city? Work on that tan and catch up over some conversation on a quiet beach.

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5. Queen Elizabeth Park // 4600 Cambie St.

Most would argue that the best part about Vancouver is that it is both a natural beauty and a buzzing urban city. Get a gorgeous view of both at Queen Elizabeth Park - be surrounded by incredible greenery and flowers in full bloom as you look down over the city of Vancouver.

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6. Cloud 9 // 1400 Robson St.

Get drunk in the sky at Cloud 9! Dinner can be a little expensive when you're broke but boujee, so just drop by the lounge for drinks any time of day and enjoy a class of vino while you take in the 604 views smack in the middle of downtown.

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7. The Scavenger Hunt // EVERYWHERE

This one will be fun for your non-Vancouverite BFF and you! Discover and re-discover hidden gems in the city with this ultimate Vancouver scavenger hunt. You might have to ask around a little bit but if you're a true Vancouverite, or know one, you should have no problem finding all these places.

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8. Quarry Rock // Deep Cove, North Vancouver

You can't come to Vancouver and not experience the Pacific Northwest the local's way. Go for a hike up the Baden Powell Trail in Deep Cove, and when you reach the top, make sure to take an awesome Insta photo because I mean, if it's not on Insta, you didn't do it right?

Protip: Go for donuts at Honey's and coffee at Cafe Orso after your hike. You earned it.

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9. One of these Bucket List Food Spots // EVERYWHERE!

Again, Vancouver is the mother of great food. Take your out-of-towner to any of these spots for these bucket list food items in the city, and they'll be posting #tbt photos for weeks after they've left. And since we're on the west coast, we get the best sushi EVER! Click on this bucket list for sushi so good, it'll make you cry.

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10. Sea-to-Sky Gondola // 36800 Hwy 99

So alright, this isn't exactly in the greater Vancouver are, but a little day trip to Squamish never hurt if you've got the time. Besides, Squamish is absolutely stunning! Just right off of Highway 99, two kilometers south of Squamish is the Sea-to-Sky Gondola. Get incredible views of the PNW and experience the exhilarating suspended bridge.

Protip: Don't nap in the car on your way there! The drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway is just as beautiful as the destination. And if you get motion sickness easily, bring along some Gravol.

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11. Financial District Alleyway // W Hastings and Granville St.

Make sure to look cute and grab a DSLR for the gram, this little alleyway is probably one of the cutest little city corners you've been to in Vancouver. And if you'd like to shoot some hoops, bring a basketball along with you and go ahead and enjoy a good game of ball on this bright and summery street.

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12. One of these summer patios // EVERYWHERE!

You're in the right place because there's nowhere better to be in summer than in Vancouver. The weather is perfect and the vibes are just right. Have lunch, brunch, dinner, or even late night drinks at one of these summer patios in the city to enjoy good company and good views.

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