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13 Unique Ice Cream Flavours You Can Try In Vancouver This Summer

Frozen food porn...

Summer decided to be lazy this year in Vancouver. We're all waiting for the long days of sunshine and a temperature as high as possible so we get an excuse to eat ice cream everyday. All the ice cream lovers are served like royalty in Vancouver! Not only do you find the most exquisite Vanilla ice cream but you get to discover incredible unique flavour combinations that will blow your mouth!

I personally cannot wait for the warm weather to come to savour all those sweet and creamy treats! If you're adventurous and want a change from your usual favourite flavours, here is 13 unique ice cream flavours you have to try this summer:


Photo cred - @nicevicecream

Nice Vice // 1022 Mainland St

Top flavours: Chai-me with Aslan Chai  -  Lychee Hibiscus


Photo cred - @abbywang__

Earnest Ice Cream // 1829 Quebec St

Top flavours: Whiskey Hazelnuts  -  Coconut Lime sorbet


Photo cred - @rainorshineyvr

Rain or Shine // 1926 W4th Ave

Top flavours: Caramel Ginger Pear -  Kiwi Sorbet


Photo cred - @iris.w.u

Bella Gelateria // 1001W Cordova St

Top flavours: Amarena Cherry -  Chocolate Sorbet


Photo cred - @s.kimmilk

La Casa Gelato // 1033 Venables St

Top flavours: Chocolate Bacon - White Chocolate Cranberries


Photo cred -  @marbleslabcan

Marble Slab // 1184 Denman St

Top flavours: Pumpkin Cheesecake - Peanut Butter Banana


Photo cred - @primei.91

D'oro Gelato & Caffe // 1222 Robson St

Top flavours: Rose -  Kinder Bueno


Photo cred - @foodiegramca

Mister // 1141 Mainland St

Top flavours: Avocado - Creme Brûlée


Photo cred - @vanfoodventure

Tangram Creamery // 2729 Arbutus St

Top flavours: Guatemala Coffee - Red Bean


Photo cred - @uyu_icecream

UYU Ice Cream // 433 Abbott St

Top flavours: Thai Ice tea - Black sesame


Photo cred - @alexeatswitheleanor

Paradiso Italian Gelato // 1530 Yew St

Top flavours: Ferrero Rocher - Pina Colada


Photo cred  - @georgiastraight

Amato Gelato Cafe // 78E 1st Ave

Top flavours: Stracciatella - Mango Coconut Marble


Photo cred  - bellagiosgelato

Bellagio's Gelato // 3075 Main St

Top flavours: White Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts - Orange Chocolate

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