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20 Vancouver Things You & Your Sister/BFF Gotta Do Together This Winter

Festive activities (and Insta pics) await!

The most festive season of the year is here (yay!) and so are some of the cutest activities (and photo ops because we want to satisfy your inner basic needs). So capture the magic of the season with some of the best people in your life aka your girl gang. There are so many fun festivities to do this winter that we can barely contain our excitement. Enjoy some good ol' girl time with your best friends or sister or both (because your BFFs are pretty much your sisters and vice versa).

After all, what better way to take part in the festivities of Christmas than having your best girls by your side? You know she probs knows your good side and angles better than any insta boyfriend you might ever have. Treat your BFF or sister this holiday season to a date filled with love.

We've rounded up all the winter festivities you would want and more for you and your girls! These spots pretty much guarantee a good time and a cute Insta pic because we all know that Christmas Instas are some of the cutest of them all. Happy holidays!

What are you looking to do?


Cute Activities



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