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40 Things You Gotta Do This January 2018 In Vancouver

The new year is here!

Fresh starts and new beginnings - some may see January as a depressing month after the holidays, but I beg to differ. I prefer to see it as the end of an old self and the opening chapter to a new self, a better self, a self ready for change, growth, and restoration. So what better way to do that than to give yourself a bucket list of fun and exciting things to do in the city?

New years resolutions don't have to be as serious as having a complete 180 change in your career, or transforming your long term passion project into viable bread and butter. It can be as simple as making a genuine effort to see your BFFs Nicole and Emma more often over some brunch, nurturing your relationship with your S/O by spoiling them once in a while with romantic dates, actually having fun in life and giving yourself a break from your hectic 9 to 5 or ridiculously burdening school life. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy and you'll see a massive change in your attitude in all other aspects of the year, and more.

While we can't personally be there to motivate you to do things, we can suggest some awesome things you absolutely have to do in January to get the ball rolling. Whether you want take your S/O out on the most romantic date of your lives, treat your sister to the fanciest, most boujee dinner ever, or just have fun even when you're on a tight budget, we've got an activity for that. So to fresh starts and new beginnings, here are 40 things you gotta do this January 2018 in Vancouver.

Happy new year, fam!

Things To Eat & Drink

Things To Do On A Date

Things To Do For Under $20

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Things To Do For Free

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