Remember how much fun you had at sleepovers as a kid? Staying up all night, eating all the munchies, having a blast and maybe even causing a ruckus.

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Relive the sleepover fun as an adult with your crew. It doesn't have to end once you're past your elementary school and/or high school days.

No need to travel far, here are 6 incredible and unique places in Vancouver to upgrade your next sleepover:

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Igloo on Whistler // West Coast Adventures

Do sleepovers get any cooler (pardon the pun) than this? You can have the ultimate adventure experience sleeping in an igloo on top of a Whistler Mountain. With West Coast Adventures, you'll get to snowmobile to a Whistler mountaintop and then you'll learn how to build your own igloo. Afterwards, you'll be served dinner in your own cozy igloo and get to spend the night in a one of a kind place.

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Photo cred – Vancouver Aquarium

Night In The Aquarium // Vancouver Aquarium

If you ever wanted to spend the night in the ocean, here's your chance to sleep with dolphins and beluga whales. Vancouver Aquarium holds sleepovers for all types of groups, from romantic packages for couples to student and group sleepovers. Each sleepover is filled with different themes and interactive and unique activities.

Sleepover Beach Party // 6Pack Indoor Beach

Party and dance on the beach all night long. At 6Pack Indoor Beach, you can host a huge sleepover party with your crew. You'll get the entire beach facility and midnight snacks. Some beach activities available include midnight capture the flag, tug of war, beach volleyball, and dodgeball. It costs $45 - 60 per person depending on how many people are booking.

oTENTik Sleepover // Fort Langley National Historic Site

Sleepover in Vancouver's only fort. Historic Fort Langley National Historic Site offers sleepovers in their oTENTiks that represent the heritage of Fort Langley and are exclusive to Parks Canada. Each oTENTik fits 6 people and costs only $20 per person. Each oTENTiks is furnished with electricity, a heater, sleeping areas, and more. Outside is a shared fire pit, BBQs, among other things.

Treehouse Sleepover // Free Spirit Spheres

Did you love tree houses as a kid and always wanted to sleep in the trees? Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island offers enchanting suspended spherical tree houses that you can stay overnight in.

Night in the Wild // Vancouver Zoo

You can feel like you're in a safari and spend an entire night with animals. You get to learn more about animals and endangered species, take a walking safari, and sleep under the stars with the animals. Sleepover packages start at $34.

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