It's turn up night with your squad and you've only got $20 to your name until next pay day. Vancouver may be expensive, but not all hope is lost! It is still possible to go out on Friday night, even on budget!

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Here are 7 of the cheapest bars in Vancouver to get tipsy and wasted. The only jack you'll remember is the taste of Jack Daniels still lingering in the back of your mouth.

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1. Coco Rico Cafe // 1290 Robson St.

Don't be fooled by their slightly sketchy storefront, Coco Rico has some pretty good food for a pretty decent price. On top of that, their drink specials are insanely cheap. From $4.25 cheap sleeves to $15 pitchers, you and your friends are sure to get pretty drunk for pretty cheap, pretty quick.

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2. The Butcher & Bullock // 911 West Pender St.

Would you believe me if I said you could get beers for $2 in Vancouver? Well you best believe it, because every Tuesday, Butcher & Bullock serves up local draught beers for only $2! And PSA, they've extended their Happy Hour on Mondays nights from 3-8pm!

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3. Cinema Public House // 901 Granville St.

Say you're not in Coal Harbour for $2 beers at The Butcher & Bullock. Maybe you're on Granville, about to go up on a Tuesdsay. Well guess what? Because Donnelly Group is all over the freaking place, Cinema Pub House has also got $2 beer Tuesdays! (In fact, you're pretty much covered if you've only got $2 to get a little tipsy at most Donnelly Group locations)

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4. The Cambie // 300 Cambie St.

The cross between a pub house and a hostel, get drunk with wild locals and crazy travelers from all over world. With daily drink specials, like their $3.25 beers and $4 shooters, you're in for an evening you'll definitely forget.

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5. Ebisu // 327 Bute St.

Maybe you're over the wings and beer pairing, and you're looking for some Japanese food to satisfy your alcohol induced cravings. Ebisu's Happy Hour Beer Fest has definitely got you. With $12 pitchers and $4.50 pints, it's time to KAM-PAI!

Note: Their Happy Hour ¢99 oysters and chicken karaage (a.k.a. fried chicken) are straight fire! I swear you're going to get so addicted to these.

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6. The Marquis // 2666 Granville St.

A classic European bar feel without the snobbery, The Marquis will work miracles with your student wallet on a Friday night. With $3.25 high balls and $4 Jack and Jamies, $8 doubles and $14 triples (Triples? What?), you're drunk ass won't remember a thing.

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7. Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square

A seedy location, a hole-in-the-wall bar, and dirt cheap tacos and beers - put them all together and you've got Gringo. As sketchy as this place may look, they've got super cheap tacos for $2.75, beers for $3.25, and 3 oz. Thai Buckets for $16...and you don't even have to wait for Happy Hour!

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