Adulting can be tiring, especially in January after you've been kicking yourself awake every morning to get back to work, looking at your bills from December, and trying to keep up with your New Year's resolutions. Sigh, we know.

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Take a break from all your adulting stresses and gift yourself with a small pick me up. Fifty dollars may not be a lot, but it can go a long way.

Forget about the world and give yourself a little TLC, from absinthe fountains to floatation therapy. Here are 9 fancy things you can do right now to treat yo'self:

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The Prohibition

Live Music Bar & Lounge

The Prohibition is a hidden 1920s themed underground bar that offers live jazz music and a luxurious backdrop for all your Instagram needs. And if you've never spent an evening indulging in your hallucinations with a glass of absinthe, you can definitely try that here. And if you're not into the licorice taste, you can always opt for their other amazing old school cocktails.

Cost: Absinthe fountain is priced at $50/person, regular cocktails range between $15-20.

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Float Yaletown

Floatation Therapy

Get fancy with an $80 float session that will only $40 all throughout the month of January at Float Yaletown. Give your body a vacation from all its stresses, from having to get back to work to looking at your December know you need it.

Cost: $40/90 minute session all throughout January

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Chocolate fondue at Cacao 70

Chocolate Cafe

This dessert cafe is a chocoholic's dream come true. With luxuriously smooth chocolate fondue and ooey-gooey DIY marshmallow s'mores, you can definitely give yourself a treat and then some at Cacao 70.

Cost: $20-30/fondue set with other desserts that range from $10-30. Check out their menu here.

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JJ Family Spa Plus

Korean Sauna 

JJ Family Spa Plus is the place to unwind and sweat out all the bad vibes from your busy work day. The sauna consists of 5 different rooms; a mineral salt room that helps increase metabolism and release fatigue, a charcoal room that helps restore freshness in the body, an earth room that has purifying qualities, a dry sauna and a steam sauna that help dry skin and release the body of toxins.

Cost: $15 for the entire day

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Cloud 9

Revolving Restaurant and Lounge

Go before it's too late! You may or may not have been to this top-floor revolving restaurant, but you've definitely heard of it. Regardless of it's super cliche qualities, it's actually still a gem. Sadly, there have been plans for the entire building to be demolished, so you definitely want to go while you still can. The best way to enjoy this spot is to grab a drink or dessert after dinner and lounge in the sky with the gorgeous panoramic Vancouver views.

Cost: Cocktails are priced at around $10

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The Spa at Painted Boat Resort


Treat yourself to a luxurious spa getaway in Medeira Park! The tranquil SPA Garden costs $40 for entry and includes a sauna cave, outdoor glacial rain shower, multi-jet hot pool with massaging waterfall, and warm saltwater flotation pool. Time to back your bags!

Cost: $40 for entry

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Lussier Hot Springs

Natural Hot Spring

Or if you're not into Painted Boat, you can try travelling a little farther out around BC to Lussier Hot Springs or some of these other surreal natural hot springs that are absolutely free. Pretty much as long as the hot spring is undeveloped, it's free. Time to plan your luxury escape!

Cost: Free for undeveloped hot springs

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Take a city staycation at one of these penthouse suites

Cheap Luxurious Airbnbs

Just because rent in downtown Vancouver is painfully high doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a nice weekend staycation at a penthouse suite in the city. Split the rent with your significant other or your group of besties and live like the million dollar Vancouverite you're supposed to be.

Cost: Dependent on Airbnb rental and how many people you split with. Apartments listed are approx. $50/person.

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Cineplex VIP Cinemas

Dinner, movie, and lounge

Tired of sneaking booze in to the theatres? Yeah, me too. Cineplex has a set of VIP cinema establishments across the city that offer a unique movie-watching experience where you can dine and drink while watching the latest films. Exceptional in-seat dining service and a fully-licensed lounge for your late night adventures.

Cost: $20 per person on weekdays, $25 per person on weekends, $50 “Hump Day” package on Wednesdays which comes with 2 tickets and 2 entrees.

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