Did we just put churros and fries into one phrase? Yes, we did! Well actually, we didn't, but the team at Hugo's Churros did!

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Hugo's Churro, the fresh churro pumping machine, started off as a humble little food truck. But earlier last year they secured a permanent location at McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in Richmond, so now you don't have to worry about having to chase them down on Twitter!

So what are these "churro fries" anyway? Well basically, they're churros made to look like fries. They're a little thinner and shorter than your average churro, but packed with the same sweet, soft and crunchy goodness. Then they're drizzled with a chocolatey Nutella sauce, sweet and gooey lechera, and then topped with a hefty helping of mini marshmallows.


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IT'S GLORIOUS! But if that isn't enough to entice you, Hugo's Churros also offers churro ice cream sandwiches in collaboration with Vancouver's smoothest, Mario's Gelati.

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If you're not much of a sweet tooth, there's something for you too. Hugo's Churros, as an extension of Hugo's Mexican Kitchen, also serves their mother restaurant's tacos and loaded nachos!

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Hugo's Churros is located at #66-7899 Templeton Station Road in Richmond. Open Monday to Saturday 11:30AM to 8PM, and Sundays 11:30AM to 7PM.

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