Brunch is more than a weekend convenience or activity in Vancouver. It's a lifestyle. Vancouver has so many amazing brunch spots that it's practically impossible to try them all. Some yahoos even line up at places like Jam, Cafe Medina and Yolks to get a hit of the good stuff. 

Dine Out Vancouver is finally reflecting our craving for hashbrowns and pancakes with the addition of nine restaurants offering brunch. These restaurants have created special taster menus at $15, $25 and $35. That means it's affordable to check out someplace fancy that would otherwise be super expensive!

You will need a Dine Out reservation to book a spot at one of these coveted brunch seatings. Call up your friends who live on mimosas and eggs benny and snag a reservation ASAP!

Let's hope this brunch Dine Out is a huge success so we can get more pancakes per dollar. It's expensive to live in Vancouver, but I'll shell out for a West Coast Benny and mimosa in a heartbeat.

Here are all nine Dine Out Vancouver restaurants doing up brunch for you this year

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Trattoria Italian Kitchen In Kitsilano

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For just $15 you get your choice of avocado toast with roasted cherry tomatoes or a ham and cheese Italian crepe. It comes with fresh fruit with sweet Greek yogurt sauce for dessert.

Dunn's Famous Restaurant

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DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to brunch here for $15. Their menu is massive! If you're craving a full breakfast, eggs benny or an omelette, then this is the place to go.

Kaya Malay Bistro

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Another cheap brunch spot! You'll get an Asian-fusion breakfast here with spring rolls and samosas that's a little lighter than pancakes and hollandaise sauce. 

Juke Fried Chicken

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You'll get a fresh orange or grapefruit juice and a breakfast of two pieces of fried chicken with jalapeno cheddar waffles. It's perfect hangover food for just $15!

Water St. Cafe

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$25 gets you a three-course brunch at one of the classiest restaurants in Vancouver. Gastown's Water St. Cafe offers your choice of appetizer and dessert in addition to your main brunch meal. Choose from a smoked salmon benny, french toast or sausage and biscuit!

De Dutch At The Vancouver Convention Centre

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Pick from three different hearty brunch options at De Dutch for $25. It comes with your choice of mimosa or coffee and a sweet Pannekoek to finish.


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Plant-based and Mediterranean inspired food from chickpea makes a healthier brunch option totally affordable. For $25, choose your brunch drink from a big list of options including a turmeric latte or mimosa. You also get a big serving of fresh brunch fare and a dessert!

Hawksworth Restaurant

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$35 goes very far at this fancy restaurant where you're treated to an impressive brunch. You have to see their menu for yourself to believe how delicious it all is! If you want to do a little fine dining for brunch, then this is your best bet.

The Victor

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Dim sum, steak and eggs, french toast and eggs benedict? You've hit the brunch jackpot with this $35 deal at The Victor. This sophisticated spot on the sixth floor of the Parq hotel is simply a brunch gem.

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