Smoothie lovers of Vancouver, just when you thought your drinks couldn't get any fresher, this science-lab-looking indoor urban garden and smoothie shop hybrid has completely changed the game and you're not ready.

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If you didn't already know about this amazing spot, you're about to. Living Produce Aisle, located in Yaletown, is one of the most unique smoothie shops you've ever been to.

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Growing their own micro-greens right at their very own shop, literally right before very your own eyes, they use only their organic freshly "harvested-to-order" micro greens to blend into their smoothies, so you know you're only getting the freshest of the fresh.

Their micro-greens, veggies and herbs are grown in what they call "urban cultivators", basically a contained mini environment for optimum light and air intake.

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Serving up delicious smoothies like their Temple Tonic (arugula, wheatgrass, orange juice, coconut water, banana) and Berry Me (mustard greens, peashoots, berries, coconut water, lemonade, banana), salads, pre-cut greens, as well as wheat grass shots, you're guaranteed to feel the health benefits of the highly nutritious micro-greens instantly.

Living Produce Aisle is located at 1168 Hamilton St. Open Monday to Saturday 8AM to 8PM and Sundays 9AM to 7PM.

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