You can never have too many Christmas lights and Vancouver seems to be well aware of that philosophy. From light mazes to light walks and everything in between, Vancouver sure knows how to decorate the city with all those pretty Christmas lights.

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But if you're looking to save some money this holiday season and still be able to see some magical lights, this Christmas light dome is your chance to see the lights for much less - for free actually.

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You'll feel like you're walking through a light daze. The dome is especially beautiful when there is fresh rain on the pavement and the reflection gives you double the light action.

You may have seen this on your Instagram feed and wondered where it is. Well Narcity is here to help you achieve your holiday gram dreams. This crystal ball is conveniently located downtown, right in front of Nordstrom at Pacific Centre.

This light dome is only around a week old, so hurry on over and get your obligatory holiday IG picture at this light dome before you see it on everyone else's feed.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all through the town. This light display is sure to bring some holiday cheer to the downtown area.

So head on over to Granville Street and West Georgia and see a new light spectacle that is unlike any other right now in Vancouver.

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