Fall is all about being cosy, getting out into nature and finding ways to warm up with your friends. That's why we've created this list of all the top spots in Vancouver where you can see Fall colours and treat yourself!

No matter how you like to spend your weekends, you're sure to find something you need to check out on this list. It's full of the best neighbourhood spots, parks and places to eat where you can make this Fall your best ever. 

Wrap your hands around a hot coffee and make the time to check out these amazing spots. Discover and rediscover the best of Vancouver this Fall!

The Rooftop Of The Vancouver Public Library

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Go to the top of the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library for incredible views of the city this Fall. This long-awaited rooftop garden is a much needed public space downtown where you can go with friends to take pics, enjoy coffee and hopefully read some books!

Central City Brew Pub

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This underrated brewpub in the heart of downtown is serving up a delicious Fall flavoured beer. Their Red Racer Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ale is made with real pumpkin and spices that will make it taste just like a cookie or even a PSL.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Gardens

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Vancouver's gardens are worth visiting year-round, but in the Fall you'll be able to enjoy them without the crowds of tourists. If you only go to one garden, make it Dr Sun Yat Sen because the reds, yellows and oranges of Fall look extra amazing in next to the Chinese architecture and their koi pond!


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Indulge in the seasonal flavours at Theirry and get cosy in their patisserie cafe! Warm up with a hot chocolate and try one of their tarts. Choose from pumpkin, chestnut or pear this Fall and make sure you order two because you won't want to share with your friend.

Granville Island

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Granville Island is actually at its best in the Fall because the summer crowds have come and gone, leaving you more room to explore! Whether you want to shop at the market for cheese and wine or check out the artisan's workshops and artists studios, you'll never have a boring visit at Granville Island.

The Southlands

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This isolated neighbourhood in Vancouver is actually semi-rural and agricultural. You're likely to see horses, stables and people riding their horses down the street when you visit the Southlands! There are farms and stables that you can check out, but it's nice to just walk or drive through the Southlands to be totally transported to a small town hidden right here in Vancouver. 

Stanley Park

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Hanging out at Stanley Park is a must-do this Fall! Sure, it's a little chilly but it's good to get exercise on the seawall before the weather really sours. Stanley Park also gives you some of the best views in the city so it's a great vantage point to take photos of the Fall colours! 

Mountain View Cemetery

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This massive cemetery is where you can go to experience a surreal greenspace, learn about Vancouver's history and see the final resting place for war veterans. On October 27, there will be the Night for All Souls event where the community comes together to light candles and honour those who have passed. It's a beautiful way to reflect on and celebrate life!

Earnest Ice Cream

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Just because Summer is over doesn't mean you have to stop eating ice cream. It's actually delicious year-round and it won't melt down your arm in the Fall! You have to check out Earnest Ice Cream's apple pie flavour for a creamy and delicious autumn treat. This flavour combines flaky pie crust with caramelized apples and it's rounded out with bourbon vanilla and apple pie spices.


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The SFU Campus is seriously worth a visit this Fall. Take photos of their reflection pool and admire the views from the peak of this mountain-top campus. Amazing art and architecture are dotted throughout the SFU campus so spend an afternoon exploring and see what you can find!


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Historic Gastown is magical in the autumn. Head here for shopping, coffee and some of the city's best restaurants. Try to get a window table so you can admire the twinkling lights in the trees. 

The Sylvia Hotel

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The unique West End neighbourhood really shines in the Fall! The quiet, tree-lined streets and historic buildings look idyllic, like this one, the Sylvia Hotel by English Bay. Find the Greenhorn Espresso Bar to have brunch or coffee and wander around the West End finding all sorts of heritage buildings and hidden spots.

Platform 7

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On a rainy afternoon, there's nowhere better to be than in one of Platform 7's coffee shops. The interiors look like a London train station and you'll feel instantly transported to Europe when you step inside. They have a dozen ways to brew you the best cup of coffee possible and some of the city's largest muffins!


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Fraserhood is basically becoming the new Main Street! Check out what's new here this Fall and wander around this up-and-coming neighbourhood. You'll find a few of the city's best cafes and restaurants here and the nearby residential streets have spectacularly large trees and lovely gardens that will really wow you this Fall. 

Campagnolo Roma

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If there were such a thing as the Brunch Olympics, Vancouver would probably get on the podium. One place you should visit at least once this Fall is Campagnolo Roma in East Vancouver. Their weekend brunch is fresh, filling and indulgent!

Robson Street

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Head up and down Robson Street this Fall to check out what's new and see the heart of the city in its Fall colours! Pick up a new bath bomb from Lush, wolf down a crêpe and discover the new places along Vancouver's main shopping street without the Summer tourists.

Banyen Books

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Bookshops are very cosy and inviting in the Fall! Check out Banyen in Kitsilano for an experience that will really warm up your soul. They have all kinds of intriguing books about self-help and spirituality. Half of their store sells boho and new age must-haves like salt lamps, crystals and yoga gear to help you live your best life!

Commercial Drive

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The culture capital of Vancouver, Commercial Drive is worth a visit this Fall! Have an authentic cappuccino in a bustling Italian atmosphere at one of the many old-school cafes. There are second-hand bookstores, ethnic markets, amazing beer pubs and vegetarian restaurants galore on Commerical Drive. What's not to love? 

Queen Elizabeth Park

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Romantic Queen Elizabeth Park is where you should go to experience the city in Fall because you can enjoy the outdoors and then warm up inside the tropical Bloedel Conservatory! There's also a really amazing swimming pool nearby and a frisbee golf course if you like to stay active. 

Dharma Garden Veggie Deli

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No meal is as hearty and warming as soup! Head out to this vegetarian Vietnamese deli for authentic soups and bahn mi that will keep you nice and toasty this Fall. The food here is made with love and it's extremely affordable. If you've never been before, you should check out this place at least once this Fall for a healthy and unforgettable meal. 

The Golden Triangle

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That fantastic intersection of Fraser and Kingsway creates one of the most covetable and dynamic spaces in the city. The Golden Triangle hosts unforgettable restaurants like Savio Volpe and Les Faux Bourgeois as well as cool shops, cafes and couple of lovely civic parks!

Farmer’s Markets

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Savour the end of the Fall harvest at Vancouver's local farmer's markets. It's worth visiting at least once this Fall to stock up on fresh veggies, learn about local food makers and feel a sense of community when you spend time at the market. 

Sneeki Tiki

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Vancouver's new Tiki Bar is a welcome addition to the scene! Themed restaurants are so much fun and this one will make you feel like you're in the tropics even as the rain pours outside. 

Vancouver Art Gallery

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With new exhibits coming this Fall, you won't want to miss out on a visit to the Art Gallery. It's always free to go on Tuesday nights so there's really no excuse to miss out. Join in a tour to get the full experience or just wander around, stopping at whatever catches your eye. There's no right way to enjoy art! 

Trout Lake Park

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Walking around this hidden oasis in East Vancouver makes for a dreamy afternoon, especially in the Fall with the crisp air and falling leaves. For a little taste of nature in the city, head here for a walk or run around the lake!


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The UBC campus is so massive and every corner of it is at its best in the Fall. Check out the botanical gardens and their apple festival or just see the new cafes and restaurants opening up on campus. Things change so quickly at UBC so there's always something new to discover and enjoy!

Mount Pleasant

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The Mount Pleasant neighbourhood should be our good-will ambassador for autumn! The cosy and quirky shops along Main Street are so inviting. Spend time enjoying a treat, going out for lunch or just window shopping. It's worth checking out at least once this Fall to enjoy the character of Main Street and Mount Pleasant.

Douglas Park

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Douglas Park is a massive four-cornered park between Cambie and Main that looks simply cinematic in the Fall. Run around the track or just check out the park casually, coffee in hand! Pallet and JJbean are within walking distance so it's super easy to caffeinate and get some fresh air at the same time!


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Heading to the North Shore on the sea bus is really fun when you don't have to do it for your commute! The Quay is so adorable and heading to Lonsdale makes for a great afternoon date or hang out in the Fall.

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