There's a Bavarian town tucked away in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Have you ever heard of this place? I doubt it because this is one of Washington's best-kept holiday secrets! This quaint European ski town turns into a magical Christmas village as the holidays near.

Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like in Europe? Don't bother imagining, because you can visit a Bavarian Christmas village this holiday season and it's only a short road trip away! I'm serious, this town is decked out in Christmas lights, tree trimmings, stockings and everything is written in Bavarian. You will literally feel like you stepped off of a plane and landed in a foreign country. So, stop booking those flights, because I've got your winter vacation covered.

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If you were planning to ski at Whistler Mountain this Christmas, why not try someplace new. This enchanting village is perfect for your Christmas vacation. Oh, and did I mention there are wineries nearby? You have the mountains, a ski village, and tons of wine - what more could you ask for at Christmas?

During the rest of the year, this enchanting European village is known as the town of Leavenworth in Washington. This Christmas village will have over half of a million twinkling lights, carolers singing, kids sledding down snowy hills, horse-drawn sleighs and a ton of authentic German beer!

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The most magical part of this town is when the village comes to life with lights at their evening lighting ceremonies. The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting takes place every Saturday and Sunday evening for the first three weekends of the month at precisely 430 PM. Leavenworth created this ceremony for tourists that visit during Christmastime. They literally light up the town for you!

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Leave it to Leavenworth (haha, see what I did there?) to bring some traditional European Christmas joy to Washington!

For more information, visit their website.

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